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Postby goatkiller666 » July 12th, 2014, 5:56 am

Okay, the new site security should include the following:

1. Register your own account. You will receive an email from the system, which you must then click on to get it to activate your account. (Before, the admins were doing this last part, and it was a lot of work.)
2. Once registered, you should be able to see ONLY the Board Index > Encyclopedia Infernalis > Announcements forum. Go there. That's how you got to this READ ME list.
3. With your new account, post a response to one or more of the forums describing the games that we have. Introduce yourself, and convince why the GM should allow you into his game. The GM will then be able to add you to that game, which should coincidentally get you Read-Only access to the other games (unless the GM just isn't allowing that).
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