World of Darkness - Dark Ages

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World of Darkness - Dark Ages

Postby Caine » May 26th, 2014, 5:54 am

This is a play-by-post game of White Wolf's original World of Darkness game. It is set in the Dark Ages era, and includes Vampire and Werewolf (plus all the other changing breeds) so far. Mage and Changeling are not allowed, because they conflict with my world's backstory. I would accept Keui-Jin, Gypsy, or Ghoul, and might possibly accept Wraith, Mummy, Demon or Hunter characters, if the character backstory was compelling enough. Same goes for the non-canonical Highlander rules, if you're super desperate. Don't even ask me about Street Fighter. Seriously, I will end you.

This game is pretty much a sandbox, with some players on the 'bad' side of things, and some on the 'just drawn that way' side of things. I try to tailor the story to whatever will be interesting to the players, though sometimes what interests the players is messing with each other. I just adjudicate, I don't interfere. So... don't say you weren't warned. Player kills are an option.

Please also be aware that my bad guys (and even some of my good guys) are pretty horrific. And whenever possible, I try to throw images in there to help back up my scenes. I'm no artist, so that assumes I can find some kind of relevant image out on the Web, but if I do and it happens to be rated R or NC-17, I'll still put it up. That's why the actual game isn't visible from the web without having a login.

I'm a big fan of "If you don't like seeing horrific things, don't enter the site." I'm not your parents, I don't care if you see it or not, but don't say I didn't warn you. And if your kid ends up here, and gets traumatized... you should have been paying attention to what your kid was doing. Not my fault, not my problem.
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