Amber - A Little Local Problem

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Amber - A Little Local Problem

Postby GM Gavin » August 20th, 2013, 2:26 pm

Premise and What has happened to Date
The game is set after the Patternfall War with the initial players sent out to sort out a dispute in the Golden Circle between Begma and Eregnor over a small shadow called Karvesh that seems to somehow be part caught in each of the other two shadows. The two shadows have fought over the place for years and Queen Jasra of Kashfa had promised to act as a mediator with the Amber team.

The whole thing didn't go as expected. The Prime Minsiter of Eregnor was assassinated and Prince Daffyd of Begma was implicated as the assassin. Meanwhile Prince Daffyd's isister Princess Leona took over Begma when their father finally died. The timing was all very convenient.

Some of the Amberites exploring Karvesh have found a Broken Pattern their that is being infected by Black Goo (knwon as Neolessence) that also seems to be infecting people. A long lost Aunt called Della lives in Karvesh and is trying to get the broken pattern freed from iits influence. The Neolessence can't be destroyed even with the Pattern and investigations have found that this stuff comes from the Undershadow and that potentially another substance from the Overshadow (a crystaline substance called Purelessence) could destroy it. Investigations have found that this is true, but the resultant explosion caused by the two meeting would be devastating. There has been some research which seems to indicate Love will partially nullify the effects of Neolessence and a construct called GEM has been created for find pure love.

The mastermind behind this seems to be Osric alongside one of his children (Erianthe) and some of the children of Finndo (Micah and Gneiss) who seem to be on his side. Finndo had previously emerged in the Courts of Chaos and seems opposed to this new threat. During a battle with Gerard (who had been infected with Neolessence) Kind Random was killed and there is to be a funeral as well as a decision made as to who will rule Amber now.

I currently have four players and can accept up to another 3-5 players in the game. Characters should be made using 120 points and sent to me for approval. I post responses most days (often more than once a day) and I would like players with a commitment to try and play regulalry.
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